Refund Policy

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It is the policy of WeROCK (known here forth as the Corporation) to inform WeROCK athletes and their parent/guardian of the conditions under which a refund of registration fees may occur.



  • Pay in Full: Season is paid in full (one payment) at the start of the respective season (no monthly payments)
  • Monthly Payment Option:
    • Down Payment: Registration fee due at the start of the season as a down payment for the respective season
    • Monthly Payments: Monthly payments due the first week of each month after the down payment is paid for the remainder of the season
  • Withdrawal Period: If a runner intends to withdraw from the program, a 30-day written notice must be submitted to the Executive Director. Once received, a 30-day withdrawal period will begin.



A refund, as specified below, may be granted by the Corporation if the following conditions are met:

  • Required 30-Day Withdrawal Notice: To be considered for a partial refund or cancellation of future monthly payments, a 30-day withdrawal notice must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director. Once the notice is received, a partial refund and/or cancellation of future monthly payments will commence the month following the end of the withdrawal period. Failure to provide a 30-day withdrawal notice will result in additional months to be collected.

For example, if a withdrawal notice was received on November 20, the withdrawal period would end 30 days later on December 20. The following month, January, would be the first month eligible for refund and/or payment cancellation.

Refund Scenarios:

Partial refund and or cancellation of future monthly payments would be contingent upon which payment option is selected by the parent/guardian at the beginning of the season as stated below.

  • Pay in Full: If payment in full was received at the beginning of the season, a refund of $50 per month may be provided for the months remaining in the respective season starting with the month following the withdrawal period.
  • Monthly Payment Option: Cancellation of future monthly payments will commence the month after the withdrawal period. The down payment is not refundable.


The Board may decide to cancel all or part of a season in response to events such as national emergencies, natural disasters, pandemics or other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of the Board. On these occasions, a full or partial refund may be granted at the discretion of the Board. Consideration will be given to the expenses that have already been incurred.

Refund Policy 2023-2024

I Acknowledge That I Have Read and Understand and Agree To The Terms Of The Refund Policy Detailed Above:

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WeROCK Executive Director, Andrea Kooiman:
Date: 8/24/23