What is WeRock?

WeRock stands for “We Run Our Community’s Kids”. We are a non competetive marathon training program that teaches middle and high school students mental and physical endurance and that they are capable of doing hard things.

When do you train?

For Middle School students for the 2021-2022 season, we train right after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all campuses will meet together on Saturday mornings. We also meet on the occasional Monday following a race for “Medal Mondays”

High School will meet Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturday mornings

Where do you train?

During the week we train on our School Campuses

Saturday’s will typically be in Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Niguel

Our races will be located throughout Orance County, Riverside, and Long Beach

What Does a Typical Season Look Like?

Our milestones are:

5k distance in October

10k in November

Half Marathon in January

Our BIG 3: 18, 20, 22 miles between March and April

Full Marathon at the OC Marathon which is traditionally the first weekend in May

What does my runner need to participate?

1. A Standard watch with a stopwatch (GPS watch is NOT required)

2. Black shorts or leggings (no team logos, basic brand logos and simple stripes are acceptable)

3. Running Water bottle, hip belt or hydration backpack

4. Good pair of Running shoes

5. Maintain a minimum 15 minute per mile pace during the week and a 16 minute per mile pace on Saturdays
(which is really not more than a speed walk)

Where can I find appropriate running gear?

Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, or any local running store. Our recommendation is to go into a store and try a few things out and find out what works best for your runner then buy online if that is the better option. Some prefer handheld water bottles, some prefer hip belts, others like hydration packs.

How do you track the runners progress?

All Runners will create a profile in Strava and join their WeRock school club and the WeRock all team club in Strava

Each Saturday runners will check-in at aid stations along the route and their time will be recorded. Regular pacing reports will be sent out to parents to ensure all runners are keeping with our minimum requirements and on goal.

What if my runner doesn’t want to do a full marathon?

While we love to see our runners achieve the milestone of a full marathon we understand that sometimes it’s just not the time for it. We will work with the runner and parents to alter the training plan as necessary. Many runners who do not do a full marathon will run the OC half marathon.

What races do you participate in?

This can vary from season to season based on what races happen. We will do one formal race per month. COVID-19 has impacted our traditional races but we’ve been fortunate to be able to continue our training and race season despite many of our favorite events being canceled and/or postponed.

Traditionally we have participated in the following races:

  • Aquarium of the Pacific 5K, Long Beach
  • Santa Clause for a Cause 10K, Irvine
  • Citrus Half Marathon, Riverside
  • Surf City Half Marathon, Huntington Beach
  • WeRock 10K & 32K (formerly known as the WeRock 20 mile qualifier)
  • OC Marathon

Can Parents join?

Absolutely! You may join us for a run on Saturdays as long as you sign and turn in a waiver. You may also join WeRock as an official participant and receive all the benefits of our student runners.

What do I get?

Besides an amazing experience building mental and physical endurance and camaraderie with fellow runners your age? You get 2 short sleeve WeRock run shirts (1-Orange, 1-Color of the year), a long sleeve run shirt, race medals, and shirts to show off your achievementents, and if you complete the full or half marathon at the end of the year, a cool finishers Jacket to compliment that awesome medal to show off your accomplishment!

What if ________ day doesn’t work for me?

While there is no equal substitute for running with your peers and the awesome team-building experience we have at practice, we understand that life happens. Many of our participants do other sports throughout the year alongside WeRock. If you are unable to join us for a practice, you can make it up on your own. Just be sure to log your miles in Strava.

As we progress through the year, however, we have found the longer miles become harder to make up on your own so we highly encourage all our participants to join those to take advantage of our frequent aid stations, and the mental boost you can get by running with your peers.

Can my High Schooler train with middle school?

Unfortunately, no. High School must run with High School during the week. On the weekends we will all run together.

How do I know my runner will be safe? Will they be running on their own?

Our coaches are vigilant and watch for all our runners. While we can’t keep an eye on every single runner we do assign a sweeper to ensure no one is falling behind. On Saturdays, we always have a coach as a designated sweeper, and every runner will check-in at the aid stations to ensure no one has deviated from the course or falling behind.

If ever there is a community safety alert we will alter practices as necessary to ensure the safety of all our participants.

What happens if my runner shows up to practice without a required item?

If your runner shows up to practice without a watch, water bottle, appropriate running shoes, and neck gaiter they will be sent home. On race days, failure to arrive with the appropriate gear and uniform (appropriate race shirt, black shorts, or leggings) will result in your runner not being able to participate in the race.

Do you offer a Trial Period?

We no longer offer a trial period. WeRock has been training student-athletes for 12 years and parents and coaches have seen their amazing transformation and accomplishments. This is an amazing program and your child/student/runner will have a unique and life-changing experience!

I’m concerned that Marathon training could be dangerous for my child!

We have several doctors and medical professionals on our Board of Directors who oversee and support our training schedule and goals. The non-competitive nature of our program means we see much lower injury rates than many team sports and our program is designed to not push our kids beyond their capabilities. All our coaches train our runners to go at their own pace and do their best. If severe pains or injuries do occur we will alter the training program as necessary to cater to individual needs once they have received proper medical diagnosis, treatment, and have recovered appropriately. The minimum requirement of a 16 minute per mile pace means kids aren’t required to push themselves any harder than they are capable.

My runner has already had a physical exam completed within the last 12 months. Will they need another one?

No, If your runner has already completed a physical exam with a physician within the last 12 months, we only require a signed and stamped form from the physician’s office for the current year. You cannot reuse last season’s Physical form, even if it is within the 12 month period before the next Physical Exam is scheduled.

Do you offer a training program during the summer?

We do! The WeRock Summer Trail program lasts about 8 weeks between June and August and will run two races, a 5K and 10K. The Summer program runs entirely on dirt trails. We typically run in Mission Viejo (with creek crossings), Aliso Wood Canyon, and San Juan Capistrano.

Why a 16 minute mile pace?

The OC Marathon requires all runners to finish in 7 hours or less. A 7-hour marathon breaks down to 16 minutes per mile.

How far is a marathon?

26.2 Miles!

How do I sign up?

You can find our registration forms HERE

COVID-19 Safety Plan + COVID-19 Information

TheseĀ are fluid working policies that may be adjusted as conditions and/or federal and state guidance changesĀ 

Last update 10/5/21

WeROCK Coaches, Staff, Board

Any volunteer considered WeROCK staff and/or its Board Members are required to show full vaccination status by October 15,2021 or submit proof of a negative test taken within 72-hrs prior to any in-person contact with another member of WeROCK. Tests are due every Friday or the day prior to in-person contact.

WeROCK Athletes, Coaches, Staff, Board

Wearing a neck gaiter is a required part of our uniform.  Our athletes will be required to lift the gaiter up over their nose and mouth when in close proximity to other runners for long periods of time and when physical distancing becomes difficult. They are not required to cover their nose & mouth continuously while running, exercising, or racing.

We highly recommend that any WeROCKer old enough to receive a Covid-19 vaccination receives one.  

WeROCK Aid Station Volunteers

All volunteers assisting with weekend morning aid stations will be required to have a face covering when in proximity of a WeROCK participant, regardless of their vaccine status, while working the aid station.

We will continue to watch the guidelines as passed down from CUSD, CDC and other health agencies in regard to ongoing policy changes and adapt as needed.