Aliso Viejo Middle School

Carolyn Luong_Sitton Peak-2

Carolyn Luong

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2017

  • 3x Marathon Finisher
  • Countless Half Marathons

Carolyn is a working mom, runner, pickleball player, foodie, and puzzler.  Coach Carolyn has been with WeROCK since 2017 as a parent, then as a parent runner, and has been a coach at AVMS for 2 years. Carolyn is returning as an Assistant Coach of the AVMS team for Fall 2024!

paul baldy

Paul Bonfonti

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2022

  • 9x Ultimate Frisbee National Championship competitor
  • 2x Ultimate Frisbee World Championship Competitor

Has had his two daughters run with the WeROCK program and recently ran his first Marathon.


Grace Kim

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2021

Hi there…my name is Grace! I’ve been a runner off and on for the past 6 years. When I’m not running, I am busy designing costumes for dancers, stage performers and ice skaters. My daughter, currently an 8th grader, joined WeRock as a little 6th grader. We saw her confidence and stamina boost leaps and bounds after joining the program. She inspired me to join as an assistant coach.

Inna Platner-2

Inna Platner

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2023

  • 12x Half-marathon Finisher
  • 5x Marathon Finisher
  • 5x 50K Finisher
  • 2x 50 mile Finisher
  • 4x Ragnar Race Participant

When not running or climbing mountains, Coach Inna loves to cook and create new recipes and adventure with her kids.

Don Juan Avila Middle School


Andrea "Coach K" Kooiman

Head Coach
Executive Director & Co-Founder

  • 100+ Marathons
  • 50+ Ultramarathons

Race accomplishments include the Boston Marathon, LA Marathon, Chicago Marathon, the Grand Slam of Ultra (running the 4 oldest trail 100’s within an 11 week period of time), Badwater 135 3x, HURT 100 and the Mt. Gaoligong Ultra in China!


Jamie Barbieri

Assistant Coach


Kelly Brunke

Assistant Coach

Ladera Ranch Middle School

Jen & Cody

Jennifer Castaneda

Head Coach


Bernadette Schaff

Assistant Coach

  • 1x Marathon Finisher
  • 9x Half Marathon Finisher
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Bernadette's role at WeROCK has evolved over the years. Starting as a parent volunteer and a runner's aide to her son, she has grown into a coach, guiding and inspiring others on their running journeys. Her dedication and enthusiasm have led her to become a certified trainer, co-designer, and owner of, an online fitness and health platform. Bernadette's next coaching venture will be at Ladera Ranch Middle School in the fall of 2024, where she will continue to make a positive impact.

Todd Perry

Todd Perry

Assistant Coach


Raj Patel

Assistant Coach

Las Flores Middle School

Caitlyn Fowler

Caitlyn Fowler

Head Coach
Joined WeROCK 2023

  • Ran first marathon with WeROCK
  • 12+ Half Marathons
  • 5 Ragnar Relays
  • Loves to Snowboard

Fell in love with running in my early 20s. Didn’t think I could complete a FULL marathon until my 6th grader (Emjae) crushed her first marathon at 11. I thought completing a full marathon wasn’t for me until I found WeRock. Now I’m ready to officially be a “marathon” runner.

Amy K

Amy Kotschdoff

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2013

  • 1x Marathon Finisher

Amy has been an avid fitness freak for the past 25 years!  She done almost everything except the marathon!  From multiple Mud Runs at Camp Pendleton to a Spartan race, with numerous 5ks and 10ks along the way.  Amy also completed both half marathons with WeRock last year and is ready for the full challenge in 2024.


Zoe Arrieta

Assistant Coach


Coach Smathers

Assistant Coach

Newhart Middle School


Andrew Straus

Head Coach
Joined WeROCK 2019

  • 5 Marathons
  • 2 Ultramarathons
  • Countless naps after training sessions

Coach Andrew is a former “non-runner” who began his running journey 5 years ago after being inspired by his son going through the WeROCK program as an 8th grader.  He is passionate about coaching and working with kids to help them set and reach their goals.  Andrew is returning as Head Coach of the NMS team for Fall 2024.


Melanie Smith

Assistant Coach

  • 3x ultramarathon finisher
  • 3x marathon finisher
Melanie joined WeROCK in 2018 as a momma of a student runner (son) and coach (daughter) before joining the coaching team in 2020. With her work and life experience with youth/adults with special needs, Melanie loves to cheer loudly for every runner, regardless of their sports experience or accomplishments. She is returning as Assistant Coach of the Newhart Middle School team for Fall 2024.
John H

John Henderson

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2019

  • 1x Marathon (soon to be 2)
  • 9x Half-Marathon Finisher

Evelyn Nguyen

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2019

  • 3x Full Marathons
  • 25x Half Marathons
  • 1x 15K Trail Race
  • 9x 10K Races
  • 1x 6K Trail Race
  • 16x 5K races
Retired physician assistant. Full-time Mom. Special needs Mom. God-powered Runner.
Evelyn joined WeROCK in 2019 as a parent member with her eldest daughter and then in 2021 with her youngest daughter. She started coaching in 2022 and will continue into the 2024-2025 season.

High School

Tu Nguyen-2

Tu Nguyen

Head Coach
Joined WeROCK 2020

  • 3x Marathon Finisher


Robin Ensor Kopf

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2014


Mike McNicholas

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK


Lexi McNicholas

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK

Saturday Coaches


Coach Keith

Saturday Coach
Joined WeROCK 2017

  • 9x Marathon Finisher
  • RRCA Certified Run Coach

Keith is a certified Run Coach, triathlete, and avid cyclist. Coach Keith has been with WeROCK since 2017 as a parent, and coach. Keith is returning as Head Coach of the AVMS team for Fall 2024!

Sienna P

Sienna Pixley

Assistant Coach


Ed Arpawong

Assistant Coach

Coach Keiko-2

Keiko Shimada

Assistant Coach
Joined WeROCK 2016

  • 7x Marathon Finisher
  • Many Half Marathons

Inspired by her daughter's WeRock experience, she has rediscovered her love for running and is now determined to push her limits as an Ultra Marathoner.


Allison Schoeberl

Saturday Coach
Joined WeROCK 2022

  • 59 time half marathon finisher
  • 2 (soon to be 3) time marathon finisher
After years of seeing WeROCK at OC races Allison knew she had to be a part of this group!   Crossing the finish line of a race knowing the hard work it took to get there is an amazing feeling!  Allison is so excited to share in your accomplishments this season!!




Volunteer Coordinator
Joined WeROCK 2010

Several years ago, encouraged her son to join Students Run LA (SRLA) where she met Coach K as an energetic and passionate parent volunteer with a dream! Fast forward Rachel is still with Coach K coordinating all the WeROCK program volunteers each week.


Gina Hylton

Fundraising Coordinator | Compound Lead
Joined WeROCK 2010

  • 6x Marathon Finisher
  • 30+ Half Marathons

Started coaching kids 17 years ago when her eldest son Tyler participated in the Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA) program out of DJAMS. Her youngest son, Josh, ran his first marathon the first year of WeROCK and Gina has been a part of WeROCK as a Coach and volunteer since.


Jona Williams

Compound Coordinator | Saturday Coach
Joined WeROCK 2015

  • 1x Marathon Finisher
  • 100x+ 1/2 Marathon Finisher

Jona is an athletic WeROCK activist. Coach Jona started as a parent of a WeROCK runner and has continued with the program as a Coach ever since.