Aliso Viejo Middle School

Carolyn Luong Head Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Carolyn, and this is my second year as a coach. I’m a working mom and former couch potato. Now I am a runner, foodie, puzzler, and pickleball fanatic. My History with WeRock …read more

Paul Bonfonti Assistant Coach

My name is Paul Bonfanti and this is going to be my first year as a We Rock Coach.  Up until my early forties, my main sport was Ultimate Frisbee, in which I competed at …read more

Inna Platner Assistant Coach

Hi! My name is Inna and I am a brand new assistant coach with WeRock this season but I’ve been a huge fan of the program for many years and have joined many training runs …read more

Grace Kim Assistant Coach

Hi there…my name is Grace! I’ve been a runner off and on for the past 6 years. When I’m not running, I am busy designing costumes for dancers, stage performers and ice skaters. My daughter, …read more


Rachael Gallardo Volunteer Coordinator

Hi to all the wonderful parent volunteers, coaches, and our inspiring student runners!  As the aid station coordinator, my goal is to encourage all parents to get involved with our Saturday practice runs and cheer …read more

Gina Hylton Fundraising Coordinator & Compound Lead

I am very excited to get this new season started and look forward to seeing all the returners and meeting new faces! I am the Race Compound Coordinator and will be at the start and …read more

Jona Williams Race Compound Coordinator

Hi All – I am excited to cheer your children on while they reach their goal and cross the finish line at the OC Marathon this season!  My history with WeROCK  2017 – Parent Volunteer, …read more

Don Juan Avila Middle School

Andrea Kooiman Co-Founder | Executive Director | DJAMS Head Coach

Hi, I’m Coach K and I LOVE to run!  I have completed more than 100 marathons and more than 50 ultramarathons. Running has taken me to some of the most beautiful mountains and deserts in …read more

Jamie Barbieri Assistant Coach

Hello!! I’m coach Jaime and I will be the assistant coach at DJAMS this year. My history with WeROCK I have been coaching with WeRock since 2015. Both my girls went through the program at DJAMS. …read more

Kelly Brunke Assistant Coach

Hi, I am coach Kelly and I love endurance activities. I am entering my 30th year of elementary teaching. This year I will be teaching fourth grade, yippie! I am looking forward to this season …read more

Executive Director

Andrea Kooiman Co-Founder | Executive Director | Assistant Coach

Andrea Kooiman “Coach K” is also the main program director and oversees the training calendar.  Within the program she is head coach and works with the kids to instill valuable lessons about goal setting along …read more

High School Program

Tu Nguyen Head Coach

For many years I was invited to try WeRock and never thought my kids would do it. Then one year my wife came home and said she had signed them up!  I was truly amazed …read more

Robin Ensor Kopf Assistant Coach

Hello! Give me a “C”!  I’m Coach Robin! I started the WeROCK program with my oldest daughter, Madeleine, in 2014!  She found from WeROCK that she LOVED running and so did I.  Madeleine completed two marathons with WeROCK, …read more

Lexi McNicholas Assistant Coach

I’m Coach Lexi, and I’m so excited for another fantastic season!  The kids of WeRock are a tough bunch who take on every challenge with enthusiasm, fearlessness, and a healthy dose of silly middle-school humor.  …read more

Mike McNicholas Assistant Coach

I’m Coach Mike and I’ve been coaching with WeRock since 2019! I love coaching the high school team and watching them grow. Seeing them all run at the OC Marathon is an amazing experience! I’m …read more

Ladera Ranch Middle School

Jennifer Castaneda Head Coach

HI  my name is Jennifer Castaneda and I will be coaching over at Ladera Middle school. I am beyond excited for the journey! I guess you could say I started running when I was a little …read more

Bernadette Schaaf Assistant Coach

Hi! My name is Bernadette Schaaf. I’m happy to be part of the WeRock family! That’s right; it’s a family! I always look forward to each practice and every race! Seeing the kid’s confidence grow as their …read more

Todd Perry Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Todd. This will be my fifth year as a coach with We ROCK. I grew up in Costa Mesa and was a runner in High School. Later I became a competitive mountain …read more

Raj Patel Assistant Coach

Hi! I am Coach Raj. This is my second season coaching at WeRock. I enjoy running as it clears my head, and it gets me some exercise. I run for fun and enjoy the outdoors …read more

Las Flores Middle School

Caitlyn Fowler Head Coach

Hi! I’m coach Caitlyn, 41-year-old mamma to 2 kiddos (Emjae 12/Teck10) and wife to my amazing husband (Aaron) for 16 years. I grew up in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah. We have …read more

Amy Kotschedoff Assistant Coach

Hi!  I am Coach Amy!  This is my rookie year as a coach and my first marathon!  I am beyond excited to be sharing this life-changing challenge with your kids!! My History with WeROCK I …read more

Zoe Arrieta Assistant Coach

This is my second year as a Coach with WeROCK. I was previously a coach at AVMS and this will be my first year at Las Flores! I’m stoked to get to know the kids …read more

Coach Smathers Assistant Coach

I’m Coach Smathers and I’m so excited to continue year two in the WeRock program here on our campus. It’s a new year and more running adventures to come. I know that this season will …read more

Newhart Middle School

Andrew Straus Head Coach

Hey there!  I’m Coach Andrew, Head Coach at Newhart Middle School for the 2023-2024 season.  This is my 5th season coaching with WeROCK and 4th as Head Coach of Newhart.  I love coaching and spending …read more

Melanie Smith Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Melanie, and I used to think runners were crazy. I didn’t understand why my daughter, Lexi (Coach, too), wanted to run daily. After several years of making excuses for not running, I …read more

John Henderson Assistant Coach

Hello, I am Coach John and this is my first year as an assistant coach with the WEROCK Newhart team.  My son, Miles was with the program the last two years and I am looking …read more

Evelyn Nguyen

Hello, I’m Coach Evelyn and I am a new coach to the WeROCK Newhart team for the 2022/2023 season. My History with WeROCK I live in Mission Viejo with my three kids and my husband …read more

Weekend Coaches

Ed Arpawong Assistant Coach

There is no doubt that running is one of the best activities for humans. It’s part of an excellent lifestyle, dramatically improves health, and be done with high-quality friends. I’m here to help kids start …read more

Sienna Pixley Assistant Coach

Hello! My name is Siena and I’m so excited to be an assistant coach at DJAMS this year! I’ve been running with WeRock for the past 5 years as a middle and high schooler and …read more

Keiko Shimada Assistant Coach

Hi! I am coach Keiko. I have been running almost my whole life since I was in middle school in Japan. Running is my favorite activity and the only sport I’ve done. I believe running …read more

Allison Schoeberl Assistant Coach

Hi, I am Coach Allison!  This is my second year with weROCK and I am beyond excited!! My History with WeROCK I have run Surf City and OC for years now and always noticed all …read more

Keith Arthur Diamond Valley Marathon Coach

My name is Keith Arthur. This season will be my sixth year as a participant in this program and fifth year as a WeROCK Coach. I have had two of my kids complete the program …read more