Raj Patel Assistant Coach

Hi! I am Coach Raj. This is my second season coaching at WeRock. I enjoy running as it clears my head, and it gets me some exercise. I run for fun and enjoy the outdoors at my own pace. I started running while living in England, where I ran back-to-back marathons. Living in Orange County, I am fortunate to be able to run year-round, but I do miss running in the rain. My

History with WeRock 

I was introduced to WeRock when my daughter, Trisha, started at LRMS and joined in 2021. I am unsure why she joined, but I was excited that she did. I am super impressed with the program as she is not a runner but has already run several half-marathons with WeRock. I ran with Trisha through that season and rediscovered my love of running. 2022-2023 was my first season as a coach, and helping the kids of WeRock achieve their goals is rewarding, so I signed up again this year. The WeRock training program has made a huge positive change in our lives.

Race History

  • I ran my first marathon in Sheffield, England
  • The following year, I also ran my second and last full marathon in Sheffield, England.
  • After moving to California, I have run over 17 half marathons, including (OC Marathon, Long Beach, Surf City, and San Francisco)
  • I also enjoy running 5k and 10k races (short and quick)