Inna Platner Assistant Coach

Hi! My name is Inna and I am a brand new assistant coach with WeRock this season but I’ve been a huge fan of the program for many years and have joined many training runs as well as helped mark some race courses. I have been running for over 23 years (yikes!), starting with a few 5K races and quickly graduating to half marathons. Since moving to Orange County in 2013, I’ve discovered the thrill and beauty of trail running and now primarily run on many amazing trails we are so lucky to have here in OC. I don’t keep very good track of my races, but it’s something close to this:  half-marathon x 12, marathon x 5, 50K x 5, 50mi x 2, 100k, Ragnar Relay races x4. When I am not running or climbing mountains, I love to cook and create new recipes and adventure with my kids Sasha (11) and Nik (15). I am looking forward to an amazing season with WeRock, getting to know all of the runners and coaches and sharing some miles and conversations.