Coach Theurer Head Coach

My name is Todd Theurer and I am a physical education teacher at Las Flores Middle School. I have always been involved in sports, but it wasn’t until a few years ago I began running.  My daughter was an 8th grader at LFMS and joined SRLA.  I told her I would do the practice runs, but no way was I going to run a marathon!  As the season progressed and our miles slowly increased, the unfathomable distance of 26.2 miles seemed more and more attainable.  I ended up running the L.A. Marathon that year and have been addicted to running ever since.  I have met so many amazing people and have learned to push myself way beyond what I ever imagined was possible.  I have gained so much in my life from running and I cannot wait to share these experiences with our young people at Las Flores Middle School.  This will not only be my first year with WeROCK, but LFMS first year as well.  We have a great group, including my own daughter, and we cannot wait to get started!