Todd Perry Assistant Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Todd. This will be my fifth year as a coach with We ROCK. I grew up in Costa Mesa
and was a runner in High School. Later I became a competitive mountain biker and cyclist. I have
also done some fitness coaching, helping people meet their fitness goals. Fitness has always been a
passion of mine, even in those times in my life when I let my own fitness slip. Having a goal is
always a great way to get motivated, WeROCK provides that goal.

What’s my history with WeROCK?

My son JT joined WeROCK for the first-time in 2018 as a 6th grader at Ladera Middle School. He
completed the full marathon and the look of accomplishment on his face was priceless. Over the
past five years, being involved with We ROCK, I have been inspired to see how the kids progress
and the sense of accomplishment they have when they achieve their goal.

It’s Always Fun to Hear a Coaches Race History
Even though I was a runner “back in the day”, I never competed in any race over a 10K. in 2019,
while training as a coach with We ROCK, I completed my first full marathon, virtually with the OC
Marathon. Doing the full marathon on our own was a challenge, but with the support of our family we
finished! It felt good to complete our goal despite the challenges of the COVID shut down.

My Favorite Race that WeROCK ran during the season     
My favorite race was the Citrus Heritage Half Marathon. I really love the course and set a new PR!