Coach Smathers Assistant Coach

I’m Coach Smathers and I’m so excited to continue year two in the WeRock program here on our campus. It’s a new year and more running adventures to come. I know that this season will be challenging as we all run together towards the goal of completing 26.2 miles. I am excited for all the new friendships to be formed and delighted to be a part of this journey.

It’s Always Fun to Hear a Coach’s Race History!
I started running again in 2010 and I’ve completed numerous races from 5K to 60K distances, as well as many triathlons along the way. I love running by water, it’s so calming, so of course the most scenic of my runs was the Catalina Island Marathon. My favorite race experience has been the St. George Marathon alongside my daughter, nothing like the joys of running with your family!