Lexi McNicholas Assistant Coach

I’m Coach Lexi, and I’m so excited for another fantastic season!  The kids of WeRock are a tough bunch who take on every challenge with enthusiasm, fearlessness, and a healthy dose of silly middle-school humor.  I know that this season, as always, they will rise to the challenge of completing 26.2 miles and have tons of fun along the way.

My History with WeRock

While I wish I would have started running as young as the amazing WeRockers, I didn’t start until my freshman year of college.  Running was an escape from the stress of school, and I became so addicted that one year later, I completed my first 50-mile race.  A couple of years later, I met Coach K, our head coach and co-founder, while working at a local running store.  She convinced me to become a coach as soon as I finished my schooling in Texas.  I’ve been running with WeRock since January of 2017.

It’s Always Fun to Hear a Coach’s Race History!

Since starting to run in 2013, I’ve completed numerous races ranging in distance from 5k to 100 miles.  I would have to say that my favorite race experience has been running the OC Marathon with WeRock; It’s inspiring to see kids so young push through the wall and find out how much they can accomplish.  Another notable race experience would be running the Star Wars Half Marathon dressed as Princess Leia.

My Favorite Race that WeRock Will Run During the Season

is the OC Marathon, of course!