Kelly Brunke Assistant Coach

Hi, I am coach Kelly and I love endurance activities. I am entering my 30th year of elementary teaching. This year I will be teaching fourth grade, yippie! I am looking forward to this season of WE ROCK being live race events, and watching all the WeROCKERS grow in their running journey.

My History with WeRock:

My journey with WeRock began in 2009-2010 season when my daughter Kaylee began training for the LA Marathon at DJAMS. As I began to see her running accomplishments and all the hoopla surrounding running events, I felt the urge to begin to run!  By the time my son Kyle entered 6th grade in 2010 I was determined to volunteer and put myself out there and try my hand at coaching. During his 3 years at DJAMS I was an assistant coach and made a circle of running friends that I still run with today.  Fast forward to the 2020-21 season, I found myself once again as an assistant coach to the final Brunke (Karson)  to try his hand at running.  This will be my final season coaching, or will it?  WeROCK has touched many areas of my life over the last 12 years and the impact of all the people involved has motivated me personally and professionally.

It is always fun to hear a coaches race history:

My first marathon was OC with WeRock in 2011.  Out of the 3 marathons I have run, my favorite was the LA marathon.  Since my journey of endurance events began in 2010, I have lost count of how many events I have done.  However my  favorite endurance event to train for are triathlons . Never say, never.  Once you get the bug it is hard to stop!  Thanks to coach K 🙂

Everyone has a favorite race they will run with WeROCK  and mine is the OC Marathon.  It is the ultimate triumph, for all the hours you endured to prepare yourself for the ultimate mind game!  It is an amazing accomplishment!