Keith Arthur Assistant Coach

My name is Keith Arthur. I was introduced to WeRock in 2017 and was immediately inspired by the program and its mission. This will be my second year as a parent of a WeRock participant and my first coaching. After witnessing the positive mental and physical benefits of so many kids including my own son I’ve become a firm advocate for the amazing program and the lifelong positive influence it can have on kids.

I’m a lifelong avid cyclist and started running in 2011 to prepare for my first triathlon. Up until that point I didn’t consider myself a runner, but since then I have completed multiple long-distance running, cycling, and triathlon events in California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

My favorite WeRock event is the 20 Mile qualifier, which after months of grit and sweat the kids prove they’re ready to take on the OC Marathon. It is truly inspiring to see the kid’s confidence soar as they cross the finish line after a milestone 20 mile run.