Keith Arthur Diamond Valley Marathon Coach

My name is Keith Arthur. This season will be my sixth year as a participant in this program and fifth year as a WeROCK Coach. I have had two of my kids complete the program and go on to run multiple other marathons outside of WeROCK as well as High School Cross Country. I was the Head Coach of the AVMS team for the last two years and have stepped into a new role as a supporting coach this season.

I’m an RRCA Certified Run Coach, triathlete, and avid cyclist. I have completed multiple half and full marathons thanks to WeRock, and I regularly participate in 100-mile cycling events (Centuries), Mountain Bike Races, and triathlons across California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

My History with WeRock

I was introduced to WeRock in 2017 when my son was in 7th grade and was immediately inspired by the program and its mission. After witnessing the positive mental and physical growth experienced by so many kids, including now two of my own children, I’ve become a firm advocate for this amazing program and its lifelong positive influence. It’s incredible to see what our youth are capable of when they realize that small incremental changes and hard work can produce massive achievements they will carry for their entire lives.

Favorite WeRock Events

My favorite WeRock events are the Mount Baldy Hike at the end of the summer program, the Citrus Heritage Half Marathon, which has traditionally been our first half marathon of the season, and the OC Marathon! Seeing the kid’s confidence soar as they cross the finish line after such an incredible test of endurance is truly inspiring.

Coach Keith 2020 OC Marathon Virtual Edition