Keiko Shimada Assistant Coach

Hi! I am coach Keiko. I have been running almost my whole life since I was in middle school in Japan. Running is my favorite activity and the only sport I’ve done. I believe running is the simplest and easiest sport to start. It requires only your running shirt, pants and a pair of shoes. We are fortunate to have such beautiful trails around here in Orange County.

My History with WeRock
I was introduced to WeRock when my daughter joined in 2016. Through my daughter’s experience with WeRock, I rediscovered my love of running. I still remember on the first day of practice,  I decided to run with the kids just because I was too shy to hang out with the other parents. And what happened? I became obsessed with running with WeRock and ran every single practice with my daughter until she completed the middle school program at the end of 8th grade. I was impressed by the positive change in our lives. My daughter carried her running career into high school and college. I kept running as my hobby. I love that it helps me stay healthy.  WeRock helped me find the beauty of the trails around us and the joy of participating in local races, which I would never know if my daughter did not join this program.

Race History
I ran my first half marathon in Bali, Indonesia in 1995.
6 OC full marathons and many half marathons.
A bunch of small races in between

Favorite WeRock race
OC marathon. This completes the season and what we’ve worked for over 9 months. I love to see the strong emotion among our kids, parents and coaches.