Jona Williams Race Compound Coordinator

Hi All – I am excited to cheer your children on while they reach their goal and cross the finish line at the OC
Marathon this season!

 My history with WeROCK 

  • 2017 – Parent Volunteer, my daughter, a 6 th grade WeROCKer
  • 2018 – Head Coach, AVMS, my daughter, a 7 th grade WeROCKer
  • 2019 – Head Coach, AVMS, my daughter, an 8 th grade WeROCKer and Legacy Runner
  • 2020 – Weekend Coach and Race Compound Coordinator
  • 2021 – Race Compound Coordinator
  • 2022 – Race Compound Coordinator

It’s always fun to hear a coach’s race history

Prior to WeROCK, I participated in and completed multiple Disney Half Marathons and various 5K
and 10K’s as well as one Full Marathon. Prior to running, I enjoyed boot camp classes and coaching
youth cheer teams in preparation for professional competitions.
This year I plan to join your runner and complete the OC Marathon!

Favorite WeROCK event 

Being one of the most pinnacle races of the season, my favorite WeROCK event is the 20-mile
qualifier. It is exciting to see your runners true grit as they conquer and cross the finish line.
I look forward to seeing you all at the starting line this year!