Jennifer Savage

Hi, I’m Jennifer Savage and I’m so excited to be a Weekend Coach this season! My daughter joined WeRock last year, and when I learned parents could run with the kids I thought Saturday runs would be a great way for me to get back into running.  I started running in my early 20’s as a way to become active.  I quickly learned this was also an escape for me, a way to clear my head and get refocused.  I decided to sign up for a 5K, and had such a sense of accomplishment I began expanding my goals by running 10Ks and Half Marathons.  After a break from races, then eventually running, I thought these Saturday runs with WeRock would be temporary, just a way to spend my time while Mila was running.  I had no intentions, and definitely didn’t think I would run my first Marathon! I remember the first Saturday run with all campuses.  The kids were awesome-ready to take on the challenge of running a marathon.  Each Saturday I was inspired by all of them.  To watch them grow as runners, become more confident, stay committed to their goals, and support one another was amazing.  They inspired me to set a goal I never expected.

What was my favorite race?

My favorite race was the OC Marathon.  It was incredible to see my daughter accomplish her goals and her dedication inspired me to join her on this journey.  Such a great feeling to cross the finish line with her! I look forward to seeing all the kids inspire one another, stick to their intentions, and increase their confidence through their journey this season.