Darcie Martinez Assistant Coach

My name is Darcie Martinez, I’m a mother of 4 boys, Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioner and competitor (6 1/2 years), Macronutrient food and fitness consultant and marathon runner (as of 2020.) I started running 3 years ago, when my son Gabriel started running WeRock. I had ran prior to that but not consistently. It wasn’t until I saw the progression and positive changes that the WeRock program brought into my sons life, that I knew I needed to incorporate running into my daily life.

This past May, I completed my first Marathon (virtual) in 4h 25m and couldn’t have done it or even begun training for it, if it wasn’t for my son. The WeROCK program taught both him and I how to support and encourage each other, especially through the COVID 19 limitations. The challenges of COVID19 really pulled out the strength and perseverance in us and the WeRock program.

Running has taught me that I can go further than I ever thought I could. That is the spirit in which I train and instill in others. Rock on!!