Brian Barbieri Assistant Coach

I am so excited to be here for this years team at DJAMS. After 5 years of being on this campus, I’m super pumped to see these amazing kids learn to lean on their inner strengths, pull together as a team, and make every training day as fun as possible with their awesome personalities!

Since it’s fun to hear a coach’s race history here’s mine. I started running in 2012, my first race was the Disney Cars 5k and after that I was HOOKED! Not too much later my first daughter joined WeROCK and we started training for our first full marathon, the 2015 OC Marathon. Many many races later and now my youngest daughter is getting ready to run her Legacy Year (3 full marathons completed at the same school). It’s an amazing thing to even be able to complete ONE marathon much less 3 before starting high school. They are my complete inspiration for every step I take. Along with every child that decides to stop making excuses and take their first step, fights through every challenge presented, and triumphantly celebrates every finish line.

Moving to the present, the WeROCK race I am most looking forward to this season is going to be the 2020 OC Marathon. It will be my 10th full marathon. Since my first race EVER was only 7 years ago I’m super excited about this milestone. I can hardly wait to join all these amazing kids and help them to reach their goals and have a fantastic journey along the way.