Bernadette Schaaf Assistant Coach

Hi! My name is Bernadette Schaaf. I’m so excited to be part of WeROCK! I always look forward to each practice and every race! It has been awe-inspiring to see the kid’s confidence grow as their miles increase. Every student runner has their uniqueness, and it’s been incredible to see them evolve throughout the season. Watching them become physically fit, build endurance, strong bond friendships, encourage and push each other as a team is breathtaking to experience as a coach and as a parent. These kids are amazing!

We became part of the WeRock family in 2014 with our eldest son, Slater Schaaf. I ran Saturday practices with him. He had so much fun that we added Steele and Vaughn Schaaf the next season. My husband and I were running aides for our son, Steele, all three years of WeROCK, as he has Epilepsy, Autism, and many other disorders. Vaughn was Team Captain for WeROCK in his 8th-grade year. My youngest, Vance Schaaf, also completed all three years with WeROCK. He watched his older brother race and helped me as a pace runner for Steele’s first year, which helped him develop the same love for running as his three siblings. This sport quickly became a ‘Family Sport’!

It’s always fun to hear a coaches race history!

I used to be athletic in high school and college. With family life and journeys, I had sent aside my fitness. Having children provides learning experiences with both obstacles and opportunities; WeROCK was the one that got me back into health and wellness as Steele’s running aide. So thankful!!!! Slater and I did my first half marathon together, and now, I’m addicted!!! Running the first marathon is such an overwhelming experience with a sense of accomplishment and self-gratification of all the hard work and diligence you put into the race. The feeling overwhelmed me when I finished my first marathon. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing the kid’s achievement in personal victory this challenging and resilient year!

Favorite  WeRock race!

It’s the Santa Run! Hands down!!! When I saw Steele’s teammates join us in his last mile, it made my heart sing. When I saw him push himself more with determination, it made me proud. When I saw his face light up and run into Santa’s arms with his teammates by his side encouraging him at the end of the race, it made me cry because it was the perfect memorable moment I will always cherish!!!!