Autumn Whitcomb Assistant Coach

Hi I’m Coach Autumn.  This will be my first year as an Assistant Coach.  My daughter joined last year as a 6th grader and while I did not join officially, I did register independently and ran every race.  I saw firsthand the positive impact this program had on my daughter and the other kids.  This wonderful experience led me to join the team officially.

I have always enjoyed exercise and participated in youth sports growing up.  As an adult,  I try to be as active as I can. I am much slower today than I was back then but there is so much to gain from being outdoors and exercising that makes me want to keep trying to improve. My day job keeps me tied to a desk for long hours each day, so I look forward to getting out there and sweating with the kids!

My favorite runs (there was a tie) was the Citrus Heritage and Surf City.  Both races had unbelievable views.  I can’t wait to get out there again!