Anne-Marie Dillard Assistant Coach

Hi, I am coach Anne-Marie and I love any outdoor activities. I have recently
retired from a 30-year career at Coca-Cola and spend most of my days hiking
and being a Mom to my crazy trio of 13 year-olds. I just completed the 2021
SoCal 6 Pack of peaks and am looking forward to trying my hand at running.

My History with WeRock:

My journey with WeRock is just beginning. Focusing on family is my number
one priority and WeRock is the perfect place for all of us to reach our goal of a
Marathon, together. The Triplets, Robert, Lexi and Nick, are also novices to
running, We even roped Dad into our journey for a little extra encouragement.
Over the years, I’ve heard the fantastic things from close friends that have had
kids that participated in the WeRock program. Stories of motivation,
commitment and teamwork describe their experiences and continue to
resonate with what we are looking for in growth as a family. I’m so excited to
learn and lead in the WeRock program. So far there is a terrific group of kids
and I’m loving getting to know everyone.

It is always fun to hear a coaches race history:

Although my experience with running has been brief, I already have 3, 5K’s
under my belt. I am looking forward to many more races in the near future
and spending quality time with our DJAM’s Team.