Jay Johansson Head Coach

Hi I’m Coach Jay.  I was  bestowed the honor of being the founding coach for the Ladera Ranch branch of WeROCK. I am a first year coach in 2018-19 and I couldn’t be more proud to see these kids crush goals that made me do a double-take with when I first heard about the program.

I’ve  run since middle school and can think of a hundred different ways that running and the people I’ve met because of it have enriched my life. Being able to pass that forward is gold and I’m grateful this program allows the chance.  If I had to choose one expression that typifies why I think this program and experience is important, it would be this quote I originally found about a sister sport to running – cross country skiing:  “Endurance sports reveals something deep about the human condition: the absolute, nonnegotiable necessity of the grind. The purity and sanctity of the … slog.” Put another way, in a world where everything is invented to make our lives easier, we need the privilege of adversity to make us human again. Enter WeROCK.

Its always fun to hear a coaches race history

I was the kid who was mediocre at all the sports I tried until, one day, at football practice, I discovered I was the only kid that liked running laps and doing wind sprints at the end of practice.  The rest is history.  That parlayed into years and decades of running and triathlons including Ironman Lake Placid, Couer D’Elene, California and others. My goal is to help even just one kid have that a-ha moment at the end of practice.

My favorite race that WeRock will run during the season

I really liked the Citrus Heritage half marathon course because it was a cross country-esque course, running through the orange orchards. It was also the first time seeing the kids run a half and they tore it up!